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RUGS Survey Report

Postby anthonyB » 24 Oct 2016, 09:21

RUGS surveyed it members earlier this year. The report was presented and discussed at the meeting on October 11, 2016. This is the text of the report.

RUGS Survey Report
10 July 2016.

The Revit User Group Sydney (RUGS) is the oldest continually active Revit user group in the world. It is a forum where Revit users can promote its use, can meet to share and exchange ideas, to troubleshoot issues, and to learn about new features, techniques and associated products.
With the arrival of SYDBIM on the scene and the increased participation of users in online newsgroups, the RUGS committee decided it was time for the group to review and evaluate its purpose and position within the Revit community. To this end, in March 2016 members past, present and future were invited to participate in a short online survey aimed at gaining opinions and ideas regarding meeting attendance, locations and content. The survey was open for about 8 weeks.
This document reports on the survey responses, analyses them and suggests how the group adapts and moves forward.

The survey data returned 56 responses with 15 deemed invalid, leaving 41. A summary data document is attached for your review and information. For privacy reasons, the full raw data will not be made available publicly.

60% of the respondents described themselves as current members, meaning 40% were past or possible future members.

Three quarters of respondents replied that their primary source for Revit help was from colleagues, the Help files, their resellers, plus various online sources such as RevitForum, AUGI, Autodesk, youTube and 11% stated RUGS meetings and another 11% stated the RUGS forum online was their primary source.

30% said that they would like the RUGS Forum to be their primary source of Revit help. 20% nominated RUGS meetings, while most of the remaining 50% preferred the other online sources.

Just over half of the respondents said they expected to attend future RUGS meetings, with about the same number saying that they would also be attending SYDBIM meetings.

Over 90% stated they were happy with RUGS and SYDBIM trying to work our schedules so that we can hold alternate monthly meetings.

80% or respondents stated their agreeance with Tuesday night meetings, although there was some call for other days.

60% stated they were happy with the location at Broadway TAFE. Some respondents expressed desire to be able to have food and socialising at the meeting. Some did not like the layout of the room. Some found parking difficult.
Three quarters of respondents prefer a fixed location with over 80% preferring city locations.

Almost all said they were happy with both the 6.00pm starting time and the two-hour meeting length.

In response to the question about what users expect from their user group the top three responses were for Expert tips, Best practices and New Revit features. Other strong preferences were for Collaboration, 3rd Party add-ins, User case studies, Intermediate tips and 3rd Party products and services. There was some interest in Basic how-to plus some calls for Dynamo and more architectural content.

The Revit topics of most interest were Family creation, Scheduling and Modelling techniques. File management, Programming plus Rendering and animation were also popular.

Finally, 80% of respondents prefer to receive information about RUGS meetings via email.

Analysis and outcomes
It is interesting to note that nearly half of the respondents said they did not intend to attend future meetings. We appreciate that they took time to reply and give their opinions even though they do not see themselves having a continued association with the group. Perhaps many of these could be in the 30% who said they would like the RUGS forum to be their primary source for Revit help.

The committee agrees with the thoughts of the majority of respondents who use support and help methods such as online forums and websites. We would like to encourage all members to move to these sources as we feel there are clear advantages to these methods. The RUGS online forum has been idle for some time and it is our intention to discontinue the service in the near future. The committee recommends which is a widely used online forum with participants from many countries including several regular Australian contributors.

Evidence suggests that online surveys generally attract a response rate of between 10 and 40 percent of the target audience. With 41 valid responses to our survey it might suggest we have a possible user base of between 100 and 400 members. If 60% describe themselves as current members and slightly less saying they expect to attend future meetings, then we could assume there is an active membership base in the order of 60 to 240 people. Although the number of potential group participants could be much fewer if indeed we did get a much higher response rate.

With these numbers of users in the Sydney area enthusiastic enough to want to continue to attend meetings to learn about Revit, then it would seem appropriate that we do continue with the group as a means for people to meet, to discuss and to gain knowledge.

With the overwhelming support for RUGS to alternate meetings with SYDBIM this course of action should continue. Also set to continue should the popular two-hour meetings starting at 6.00pm.

Tuesday night is the popular night, although we could be open to meetings on other nights if called for, such as the special meeting earlier this year to accommodate some international visitors.

While our meetings have now moved to a different room in the TAFE that has a better seating layout, and it is noted that the TAFE has the advantage of being a free, regular, convenient city location with technology on hand, there could be advantages in being open to alternatives that allow food, socialising, parking and perhaps suburban opportunities.

We will continue to send out our notifications via email.
It is encouraging that respondents are interested in subject areas such as family creation, scheduling, modelling techniques, file management, programming and rendering. This will guide the committee in seeking presenters to talk on best practices, new features, collaboration, add-ins, case studies, plus 3rd party products and services for these subject matter areas.

As practically the same numbers of respondents that said they would be attending future RUGS meetings said that they would also be attending SYDBIM meetings, it would seem appropriate that our speakers and our learning should concentrate on these core features of Revit and associated products rather than spending too much effort and time on theoretical or practical discussions of BIM integration in general.

The committee would like to thank all those who did spend the time to provide their opinions. It has provided a useful source of information that will guide the group’s progress over coming years.

If any readers consider that they do have some knowledge in any of the requested subject matter areas, we would be pleased if you would consider making a presentation to the group.

If anyone would like to organize or suggest a speaker, or an alternate location for one or more meetings, then please contact the committee.

If anyone would like to assist in organising the meetings or join the team, then please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you at a RUGS meeting soon.

The RUGS Committee.
Max Lebecki (Chairman), Tim Waldock, Anthony Bowden, Chris Fagan.
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