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Revit Technology Conference 2007

PostPosted: 26 Jun 2007, 02:54
by Wesley
This year's conference is coming up fast. As intimated to many of you in the past, we will in fact be running a roadshow this year, rather than a standard conference. This means a series of 1 day seminars, held in 6 cities, running across two weeks at the end of August.

The following link will provide you with a bit more detail about the roadshow - RTC'07 -, and you can register your interest through a link on the site. A registration of interest carries no cost or obligation to attend, but simply insures that you will be on our list for any mailouts of information or notifications in relation to the events.

You may receive notification of the event from more than one source over the coming weeks (Autodesk, your local reseller, me(!), and if so I apologise) as we want to be sure everyone who may be interested gets word of the events.

I do hope that we will get to see many more of you in person than has previously been the case, and that this roadshow drives the conference series, and the community, on to bigger and better things in the fuure.

Wesley Benn
RTC Chairman