Revit TV Drawing Manager


Starting Up

Revit TV Drawing Manager is a Revit plug-in program that helps to manage drawing lists, revisions and issues in one or more linked Revit files.  It has its own interface that must be run from in Revit, but it creates an external database that records all the information about the drawing sheets.  This database links to Revit so that new drawings created in Revit can be incorporated into the database, and new drawings or revisions can be fed back into Revit – in a synchronise process called “Sync” in the software.


To start:

·      Click on RTV Drawing Manager on the Add-Ins menu.

·      If this is the first time RTV Drawing Manager has been started on your project it will prompt you for a template.  Choose the appropriate PTW one – refer to Project Startup.  NB. If you get messages about authentication or activation, refer to Install guide.

·      The main Drawing Manager dialog box should appear.


Project Setup

Before you start, you need to make sure that the project details are filled in.  Click on Edit Project under Project Settings to access the details.  You must choose a “Project Status”, and should fill in Project Number, Name and Address as a minimum.  Also used for linking projects.


Project Configuration

You also need to make sure that all the project settings and drawing sheet templates are set up correctly.  If you started the project with the correct template and titleblock, there won’t be much to do.  Refer to Setup. 

Linking Projects

If you have multiple Revit projects that are linked to each other, it is also possible to link RTV Drawing Manager databases.

My Settings

These settings will only affect how Drawing Manager runs on your computer – refer to My Settings.


Creating New Drawings

To populate the drawing list you can create new sheets in RTV Drawing Manager, or you can import them from the Revit file – refer to Creating New Drawings

·      New Sheet

·      Import Sheets

·      Insert Sheets

Updating Drawing Revisions

Once the drawing list is set up, you will need to update revisions for the drawings.  This can be done singly (Refer to Drawing Revisions) or in groups of multiple drawings (Refer to Multiple Revisions).

Revision Cloud Tags

RTV Drawing Manager can add tags to revision clouds that are placed directly on a sheet (not in views).  Refer to Revision Clouds


Synchronising Drawing Manager

Once you have created sheets or amended revisions in RTV Drawing Manager, these are stored in the RTV database.  You will need to synchronise those changes to the Revit project(s).  The normal way that this is done is when you close RTV, it will synchronise the drawings that you had selected at that time – Refer to synchronise

Drawing List - Filters & Grouping

The RTV Drawing Manager main screen is the drawing list.

  Drawing lists can be sorted by grouping under different headings or by filtering to restrict the list.

Export PDF, DWG & DWF

You can batch export drawings in various formats, so that all the resulting files end up with correctly formatted names (including current revision) suitable for Aconex.  Eg.  A-250-pdf(D).pdf

Work Packages

Work Packages are for creating groups of drawings that need to be regularly issued together – using the RTV Drawing Manager transmittal method.  Work Packages cannot be used in the export process to create PDFs or DWGs

Document Transmittals

  Refer to Issuing Drawings - Transmittals

·      Select drawings that you want to issue (can use a sheet set)

·      Click on “Issue” to start a new transmittal . . . .

·      It will create a transmittal with a format based on the report settings selected 


Check previous transmittals with “Issue History”