Revit TV Drawing Manager Revisions


Drawing sheet revision updates can be done sheet by sheet, or as multiple sheets

Single Drawing Revisions:

·        Either select a drawing in the list and click on   or
Double-click on a selected drawing in the list, to get to the Sheet Information;

·        You can change any of the information about that particular drawing here, but you only need to look at the revision section in the lower half.

·        Previous revisions are listed, but cannot be changed except for the most recent one – in the details section above the revision list.

·        To add a new revision, click on ; it will lock the previous revision and add a new row, putting the next available letter/number in the detail section.  You need to fill in the date, amendment (and checked, approved if necessary).  As soon as you fill in the detail it updates the list below (no need to click ok).

·        When you have completed the revision, you can go to the next drawing in the list by clicking on , or the previous drawing. 

·        Alternatively, click on  to return to the drawing list.


NB. If you put in a revision date earlier than the most recent revision, it will give an error message, asking if you want to proceed.