Revit TV Drawing Manager


Renumbering Drawing Sheets

To change a drawing number there may be two methods, depending on whether you are using prefixes/suffixes as part of the number.  Changes to numbers can be synchronised from RTV Drawing Manager out to the Revit project, but not the reverse – so it is better not to renumber in Revit after sheets have been added to RTV Drawing Manager.

To Change the Number component of a sheet:

1.       Rename:

·      Select a sheet, click on ;

·      Click on

·      Change the Number – you can use the arrows or retype it


·      (Optional) Click on one of the prefix/suffixes if you want to change them.

·      Click on  and  again;  it may take a while as it will update the actual sheet number in Revit at the same time;

2.     Rename Sheet Series  :

If you just want to change one of the prefix/suffixes, there is a faster way:

·      Select one or several sheets;

·      Right-click and choose


·      Change one or more of the prefixes.  If you have defined lookup tables for them, then you will get a drop-down menu to choose from.

·      Click on