Revit TV Drawing Manager


Using Parallel Numbering For Drawing Sheets

If there is a requirement for a parallel drawing numbering system (eg. Architects are novated to builders after tender, and builders want to use their own numbering system), you can use RTV Drawing Manager to create additional prefixes/suffixes that are not used in Revit, but can be used on exported drawings and titleblocks.

To set up additional prefixes/suffixes refer to Config Parallel Numbering 

Once they have been set up in the project, you will have extra column names:

·           NB. If the columns do not appear, refer to Clean Up to fix.

·           The columns may not be in the best order – you may want to drag the Sheet Number (from far right) over to the left of Revision, to make it easier to read.

·           In this example, the two prefixes are used for the Revit sheet numbers, while the 5 suffixes have been used for the builder’s numbers, and are not included in the Sheet Number – the columns list in order of prefix, then number then suffix.

To add the suffixes to each sheet:

The best of two methods, after sheets are imported, is by renaming the sheets individually or in bulk:

1.     Rename Sheet Series  :

·      Select one or several sheets, right-click and choose

·      Select the prefix/suffix that you want to change and choose from the drop-down menu.  NB. Some fields may be blank because they have different values for each sheet if you have several selected.


·      Repeat for each prefix/suffix.

·      Click  to complete.

2.     Alternative (slower) method:

·      Select a sheet, click on ; then  ;


·      Change the prefix/suffixes that you want to update.

·      Repeat for each prefix/suffix.

·      This will be slower as it synchronises immediately, and only allows one sheet at a time.

To Export sheets using alternative numbering file naming

Refer to Export Parallel Numbering