Revit TV Drawing Manager


Creating New Drawings

Once you have set up the project in Revit TV Drawing Manager you will need to create a drawing list.

Before you start, you need to check a few settings:

·          You must have your default titleblock family set up in the project, as RTV DM will use this when it creates any new sheets.  Refer to Setup

·         - untick if you don’t want revisions applied when sheets are created or imported.

·        Tick  if you require all drawing titles etc to be in capital letters as you type them.

Creating New Drawings

There are three ways to create new drawings:

1.          New Sheet – creates new sheet(s) as defined by settings


2.           Inserts a new sheet in a sequence, taking the number of the drawing selected at the time, and renumbering any sheets in a sequence from that point.

3.          Imports existing sheets from the Revit project into the RTV database.  It will present a list of all the sheets in the project to select.

Newly created sheets in RTV Drawing Manager will generate the equivalent sheets in Revit when you synchronise.


Deleting Drawings

Select a drawing(s) and click on . 


It will ask if you want to delete the drawing just from the database or the Revit project too. 

  The default setting is to delete just the database sheet.