Revit TV Drawing Manager


Linking Projects

If you have multiple Revit projects that are linked to each other, it is also possible to link RTV Drawing Manager databases.


·         Click on the Link icon  to get the list of linked projects

·         Click on

·         It will go straight to a list of other RTV Drawing Manager databases that exist on the same SQL Server


·         Select the one to link and click

·         Repeat the process for all links required


·         (Optional) If the current project is to be linked into another one, then you can make any of these linked (child) projects show up as nested projects by clicking on .  This setting will not affect your current project at all.

·         Click  to finish.

·         There will now be an extra column header for “Project” at the right side. 

·         You can move this column to the left if desired.


·         Or you can drag the column header up onto the black band above – this will group the drawings by (linked) project.  Refer to grouping.

NB. The drawing list does not visually differentiate between the active and linked projects – you can modify any data in the linked projects but will not be able to synch, import or export from them.

Unlinking Projects

·         Select a project and click on  to unlink.  This will not cause the loss of any data – it merely prevents drawings from the linked project showing in the current project list.  The project can be relinked again later.

·         NB. Do not be confused by the “Remove Link” icon on the revisions menu – that is for unlinking revisions from clouds on the drawing.