Revit TV Drawing Manager v2011 - Index

Using Revit TV Drawing Manager

Note: These help files were created by Tim Waldock for internal company use.  You may need to interpret some of the settings slightly differently for the way you have SQL server set up, or your project standards.   They are based on Drawing Manager v2011, so they do not show any of the newer features available in 2012 or 2013.  Hopefully these notes will help you to set up and use a great Revit add-in:


Starting Up


New Drawing Sheets

          New Sheet

          Insert Sheet

          Import Sheets


Drawing Revisions

          Single Drawing Revisions          

          Multiple Drawing Revisions
          Revision Cloud Tags


Drawing List


          Renumbering Drawings


Linking Projects


Issuing Drawings - Transmittals


Exporting Sheets


Work Packages


Using Parallel Sheet Numbering


New Projects

New Projects


Project Configuration

              Sheet Numbering Format

              Parallel Numbering Format – using alternative sheet numbers

              Shared Parameter Mapping




Setting up Revit TV Drawing Manager

Installation & First Run




My Settings




Database Management