Revit TV Drawing Manager


Creating New Drawings

There are three ways to create new drawing sheets:  New Sheet , Insert  & Import

Importing Drawing Sheets from Revit

   allows you to import existing sheet properties from the Revit project into the RTV DM database. 

·      Click on  to start the import;

·      If there are a large number of sheets in the Revit project, it will prompt to proceed before processing all the Revit sheets (it can be slow);

·      It will present a list of all the sheets in the project.

·      Click on  so it only lists sheets that do not already exist in RTV Drawing Manager;

·      Select the sheets you want to import, and click  (on by default);  or

·      Alternatively the list can be filtered to show only those you want to import (quick filter or  ) &

·      Do not tick unless you want it to import the current revision letter/number from the Revit revisioning system if that has previously been used on the project.

·      You can change any of the active prefix values, sheet name or title block if desired;

·       to proceed. It should check to make sure that no sheets with that number already exist (it will ignore any that it finds).