Revit TV Drawing Manager – Drawing List Filters


Drawing List Filters

You can filter the list by several methods:


1.     Type in a number or word (or part of) in the “Column Auto Filter Row” – the white box just below column titles.  This will create an on the fly filter, restricting the list to only values containing that value

2.       Click on the top right corner of one of the column headings (a small filter symbol appears if you hover the cursor on it).  You will get a choice of filter type.

·      (All) – shows all drawings, effectively removing the filter;

·      (Custom) – custom designed filter – see below.

·       (Blanks) – shows only drawings where that field is blank (in the case of drawing number it would list none);

·      (Non blanks) - shows only drawings where that field has a value;

·      Values from the list – once selected, this value can be edited so that it finds all drawings containing a particular number or word.


3.     Create a custom filter from the drop down list on the column heading.  It will automatically know to apply it only to that column.  These filters can be combined from different columns to create complex filters.


4.     Create a custom filter by clicking on the  button.  This will allow you to create a complex filter defining values from several fields (column headings).

Filter Status

Top of the list shows how many drawings are visible with the filter applied

  If a filter is applied, it displays a description of the filter in the bottom left corner of the screen

Removing a Filter

  Unticking the box will temporarily show all drawings without removing the filter.


  You can also click on the drop-down arrow to choose from a list of other recently used filters to apply.


To completely remove a filter, go back to where you defined it and reverse the process:

1.         Remove the number or text from the white box at the top of the column;  or

2.         Set the filter to (All) in the drop down list.

3.          Edit the filter and click on the cross  beside each part of the filter to remove that line, until the filter is blank.

Once no filter is in use the bottom left corner will display nothing but the arrow next to the tickbox

And it will list the same number of sheets for Project and Filter

Drawing List Grouping

You can also organise drawings into groups by any of the column title headings.