Revit TV Drawing Manager – Drawing List


Drawing List

The RTV Drawing Manager main screen is your project drawing list


The list defaults to showing Revit Sheets, but there are also tabs for external documents, Revit views and work packages.


The number of sheets in the project is displayed above the list.  If the list is filtered then the Filter Total will differ from the project Total.


·         You can sort the list by clicking on column headings


·         You can restrict which drawings are visible in the list using filters.


·         You can organise drawings into groups


·         You can view a combined list from multiple projects by linking projects together in RTV.


To renumber a drawing sheet, refer to Renumbering

Printing or Exporting a Drawing List

·      RTV Drawing Manager does not have a facility to print the drawing list, so you need to export it first.

·      Organise the list so the headings are in the right order, and the list is filtered as desired (or unfiltered for full list);

·      Use a keyboard shortcut “Ctrl-Shift-X”

·      Give it a file name and save it. 

·      It only has one possible file format, which may not be compatible with your normal Excel program – so you may get the following error message – just answer Yes.

·      Because of the format issue, you will need to Save As again once it is open in Excel, and choose the normal Excel file type.

·      Now you can organise and reformat the list as desired in Excel, before printing.

·      NB. Each time you export, you will need to reformat the Excel file.