Revit TV Drawing Manager


Setup – Parallel Numbering For Drawing Sheets

If there is a requirement for a parallel drawing numbering system (eg. Architects are novated to builders after tender, and builders want to use their own numbering system), you can use RTV Drawing Manager to create additional prefixes/suffixes that are not used in Revit, but can be used on exported drawings and titleblocks.


  On the project configuration dialog, go to the Numbering Format tab.


·         Add new prefixes or suffixes to represent the parallel numbering;

·          - tick if you do not want this prefix/suffix to be part of the Revit sheet number, but still recorded in RTV Drawing Manager;


In this example, the 5 suffixes have been used for the builder’s numbers, while the prefixes are used for the Revit sheet numbers.

·         The overall sheet number preview   may be misleading as it shows all prefixes /suffixes.  This number cannot be used in itself.  However, the suffixes can be used to generate shared parameter fields on the titleblocks and also to export PDF and DWGs with the builder’s drawing numbers.

·         Refer to Parameters  for mapping the shared parameters:

·            Shared Params:


To add the suffixes to each sheet refer to Using Parallel Numbering