Transform a 2D CAD file into 3D Topography

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Transform a 2D CAD file into 3D Topography

Postby laurasmagin » 11 Aug 2010, 13:15

For those of you who attended the RUGSYD meeting last night and want more, you'll find an attachement here that will walk you through the process.

:) Enjoy! :)

This process can be used import other data directly into Revit eg columns and place them in the correct location and level (Almost automatic model creation)

(I might even show this next month)

Let me know if you like this information, or if you find any errors :oops: !

I appriciate all feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly .

(theres a prize if you spot the mistake! just kidding!)
TDS 6041 - 3D Topography from 2D CAD file.doc
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