Solar Studies (room sun penetration - plan view)

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Solar Studies (room sun penetration - plan view)

Postby Geoff » 15 Apr 2009, 18:06

I have notices in the wishlist that some people are wanting to do internal solar studies to show sun penetration and the effects of awnings etc.

here is a clumsy way of doing it that i have used previously.

1)Take the model save as a new file and delete everything above the ceiling level of the floor level you want to study(eg. floor plates walls windows etc)
2)Change your primary range (cut plane and top) to say 20m above your desired floor plan (view range for the view).
3) change the external walls to a height say 30m (this stops sun from coming into room, acts like a roof)
4) your floor plan should look similar to before but you will only see solid walls as the windows are along way below the cut line, you should also now see any awnings you have created
5) turn on your shadows

Perfect solar studies.

example of a simple plan with the same opening repeated three times one with no awning, one solid awning and one slat awning is attached
solar sun studies.pdf
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Re: Solar Studies (room sun penetration - plan view)

Postby Kannis » 31 May 2016, 16:07

Similar to what I do. Quick and painless.

I usually keep the original file open and create a new workset called "shadow analysis walls" and just draw a thin 20mm wall box around the whole structure, (not covering any openings) cut the 3D with the section box, click top view and turn shadows on, then take a rendering snapshot from 9 to 3. Once finished I delete the walls & workset. :D
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