Vanishing Elements

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Vanishing Elements

Postby Drew » 15 Apr 2009, 16:45

Hi all,
We are having some issues with elements simply disapearing fromm our model and we cannot find the cause.

To put it simply, we have 3 people working on one project, using worksharing.
It would seem that for no apparent reason, random elements keep vanishing and not in the area that the team is working on. ie if we are detailing a ground floor wall junction, a thrird floor slab will vanish. Curtain walls too tend to delete themselves whenever the project is opened/closed. The wierd thing is that they are different items each time.

Has anyone else had this happen or can explain why this might occur?

Re: Vanishing Elements

Postby Toby Maple » 16 Apr 2009, 14:33


When you can't find an element in a particular view (but know it's in the model, because you can see/edit it in another view) try the following checklist...most of these settings are available from the View Properties (VP) dialog

Is the Category (or Sub-Category) turned on
Are you set to Wirefame? - Try Hidden Line
Are you in the correct Phase?
Is it outside the Crop Region - Click on the left crop button on the View Control Bar
Is there a Scope Box applied to the view
Do you have a Phase Filter applied that is making the object not show? Check VG
In a Plan/RCP view type, is the View Range set incorrectly to exclude the object- Check VP
Is there a Plan Region excluding the object - Hover over the affected area
In an Elevation/Section is the Far Clip Offset setting incorrect
Is the object not visible because of a "Coarse, Medium, Fine" setting in either the Family or Visibility Graphics
Has someone right clicked "override graphics in view" - turn on the little light bulb on the view control bar
Has a filter been applied to the Visibility/Graphics dialog to exclude the object based on a parameter?
Is there a Cyan border around the drawing window - the element is temporarily hidden. Click the sunglasses on the view control bar and "Reset temporary hide/isolate"

In a worksetted file
Is the Workset visible? check VG
Is the Workset Loaded? check for a * in the VG dialog - reload it

In a Linked File
has the linked file been overridden?
Is the linked file's workset "not visible by default in all views"

or is someone deleting elements thinking they are only affecting one view.....
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Re: Vanishing Elements

Postby Drew » 16 Apr 2009, 16:40

Hi Toby,

Thanks for that.
I feel the most likely case is the last one. People deleting stuff and not understanding the implications.
Nice checklist though, all items that we have previously looked at.


Re: Vanishing Elements

Postby killerseams » 22 Mar 2012, 17:32

You check again all technical working because this is one technical issues, so if you want than send one message to administrator with your problem details,
You can find out your problem solution on web site also, there are many kind of technical solutions available, so by my suggestion you try it.

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