Revit LT 2014 Suite vs Revit LT 2017

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Revit LT 2014 Suite vs Revit LT 2017

Postby SDA68 » 28 Jan 2017, 19:11

Hi all,
Sorry if this may be a repost, but this is my first entry. I am a small home based business that does retail design mainly, amongst other things. I purchased Revit LT 2014 Suite back in 2014 and have only used the Autocad LT part since then as I thought if I had Revit I would slowly change over.However I have been far too busy to make the transition and am wondering if I should upgrade and start to learn revit or just hang on to the version I have? I see the advantages of Revit and want to learn and have downloaded the latest trial (2017) and it looks no different to what I have already so I cant justify the subscription. What are your thoughts?
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