Building Owners Driving BIM...

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Building Owners Driving BIM...

Postby Wesley » 02 Oct 2006, 19:43

by Mieczyslaw (Mitch) Boryslawski

Link: Building Owners Driving BIM: The "Letterman Digital Arts Center" Story

> Our world has changed, our economy has changed, and so has the design and construction industry. It is going through an overhaul never seen before by adapting smart parametric digital technology that in the past was used only by the automotive, shipbuilding, and aircraft industries. Many of the lessons and experiences learned in these industries are being transferred to the more static design and construction industry.

Building owners are pioneering this rediscovered technology, commonly referred to as building information modeling, or BIM. After all, these owners are at the very core of the design and construction industry and have the most to gain. They have the power to eliminate the unnecessary waste, in both time and resources, and the associated cost burden facing the AEC industry. Indeed, the new client mandate is rapidly changing this industry. My company, View By View, had the opportunity to implement BIM on the Letterman Digital Arts Center commissioned by LucasFilm Ltd. in San Francisco, not only for design resolution but also within the construction process. This article captures some of my insights and experiences working on this project.<
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