Sweeping a profile over a DEFINED parabolic curve

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Sweeping a profile over a DEFINED parabolic curve

Postby Moreno » 09 Aug 2012, 07:18

Hi Guys

I'm trying to run a 2D profile on a 3D polyline which is a parabolic curve.

Ive tried doing it as a mass, but when i run the sweep command and select my path, it places the path on the one plane at level 0

Any suggestions, ive attached the 3D polyline for your convenience.

3D Track Model.dwg
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Re: Sweeping a profile over a DEFINED parabolic curve

Postby corinoco » 13 Sep 2012, 11:57

Revit doesn't much care for splines from other programs...

You will need to either segment your spline to a straight-edge approximation, or try to model your spline natively in Revit.

Revit is not the greatest app for modelling high-fidelity multiple-order complex curves! That said, you should probably try using the 'Adaptive Family' template to create your geometry - you have much more control over complex curves in the 'new' 3D geometry editor than the 'standard' editor.

I have found a straight-edge approximation to be the most efficient method from a time/cost point of view - as long as my sections were correct at grid points, I didn't much care that the intervening straightline sections didn't precisely match the exact shape I wanted. In the end, I didn't even notice the facets when I rendered it, either.

If you're trying to model a boat-hull or aircraft wing though... use Rhino! :D
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