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Graphics card

Postby Infinity » 03 Sep 2011, 22:44

I've just upgraded my computer which came with an Autodesk recommended quadro graphics card, but when I open my REVIT 2011 I get the following message:
"Some features may not be fully supported by the video card and driver on this computer, problem, unknown video card." I downloaded the latest driver but still get the same message............ any ideas?

The second problem (possibly related to the first) is that the Status bar is either completely black or has words written over other words making it impossible to read and the options bar is not completely visible, ie the bottom quarter does not appear. All suggestions appreciated.

Re: Graphics card

Postby Wesley » 31 Oct 2011, 20:40

That sounds a lot like a video RAM problem, there may be a problem with the RAM on the card. Try swapping it out with a card from another machine if you have that option. Otherwise search online for vram diagnostic tools, or even just download and run something like vmark or specmark to get a performance reading off the card, and then go back online and compare your results with others with the same cards and see what happens.
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Re: Graphics card

Postby Infinity » 20 Jan 2012, 21:00

Many thanks. :)

I found something on the autodesk site that said to ignore the graphics card message, and I had a friend (more knowledgeable than I) turn off some of the gimmicky HP features (not sure what exactly) and the task bar came good.

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