Color Scheme view range bug

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Color Scheme view range bug

Postby brenehan » 07 Feb 2008, 21:27

Color Scheme view range bug

Color Scheme bug with Revit 2008 right up to service pack 3.

On creating a Color Scheme Plan on an upper level where the view dept is set below the upper level slab the slab becomes transparent: ie you can see any components / items within the view dept. So walls. Beams, WC’s ect, on the lower level become visible on the upper level plan.

The work around can be very messy depending on how complex your floor plan is.
Using an underlay may help.
The easy solution (but time consuming) is to change the view dept to the level you are working on, and line work in any items you want to see under.
You could also try duplicating your plan, creating one with only the color scheme and one with the plan with required view dept. On the drawing sheet place the basic plan on the sheet and put the color scheme plan over it. However you may loose the visibility of some items.

Postby brenehan » 26 Apr 2008, 23:13

Looks like this has been fixed in Revit 2009.

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