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Notice: Revit 9.1 Bug

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2006, 11:21
by Wesley
There is a bug in the release build of Revit Building 9.1 that can cause serious corruption of files in a workset environment. It appears that the issue can be minimised by ensuring that your users always save local before saving to central. HOWEVER, it is not certain that this will in fact prevent the issue, rather than merely mitigating its' effects.

As a result of this issue in particular, I recommend AGAINST installing the build from the shipping disk, and wait until the next build of the software is released for web download.

The build currently listed at the website is: Build Number: 20006_0810_2300 (date and time backwards, note the extra accidental zero in the year). Once you see a build later than this date, you should be ok to download and install it.

The download site is: Revit 9.1 download