Correct shadow display in cut views

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Correct shadow display in cut views

Postby David Howe » 26 Feb 2009, 13:49

General Item

Advanced model graphics shadows are only cast for the extent of each element visible in a cut view (plan, section) NOT for the actual geometry of the model.

Shadows of the actual geometry would allow users to perform solar studies for solar access at floor levels (ground included), not just for overall site views.

For example, I wish to show the overshading provided by an external awning and the effect this has on solar ingress into an office floor. At present I'll have to create a parallel camera view, orientate it vertically, render it and drop the render into the relevant sheet, re-rendering for every sun angle. I'd prefer to just switch shadows on in my plan view and be done with it.

This issue has been flagged by countless users since the Advance model graphics shadows were introduced and is has never been addressed. Surely this is an easy one to fix and would positively affect a good deal of users.

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Re: Correct shadow display in cut views

Postby Toby Maple » 04 Apr 2009, 21:42

3DS Max....

or 2015....
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Re: Correct shadow display in cut views

Postby Geoff » 15 Apr 2009, 18:02

I have done this in revit it is a little clumsy but if you don't know how to use max or don't have a copy of it it works really well. refer to my post in tips and tricks.
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