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New Revit Wishlist Architecture at AUGI

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2007, 19:27
by Toby Maple
I have submitted the Wishlist to Autodesk and they have also created this site. The more times we hit them the better i say....

AUGI is pleased to introduce the new Revit Architecture Wish List! With the support of Autodesk, AUGI has developed a Wish List system for Revit Architecture that allows you to submit suggestions (wishes) for improvements to the product and then to vote for your 10 favorite wishes.

The Wish List system is simple to use. Just go to the Revit Architecture Wish List - We suggest reading through the How It Works section before you submit your wish. There, you will find valuable information including the approval process, notes about duplicate wishes, and information about what constitutes an "acceptable" wish.

On the left tab, you will find the link to Submit a Wish. Submit your wish, and then watch your email. You will receive either an approval notice or an email from someone on the team with questions regarding your wish.

After the wishes have been approved, they will be brought to AUGI members for a vote. This happens every February, June, and October. The top 10 wishes for each cycle will be presented when voting is over and a compilation of these top 10 wishes are formally presented to Autodesk at Autodesk University in the form of a Top 30 list.

The Revit Architecture Wish List will have its first voting cycle starting in October 2007, so be sure to get your wishes in. You have just a few weeks to get wishes submitted before voting starts. Your next opportunity to vote won't come until February 2008, so try not to miss this opportunity.

We hope that everyone uses and benefits from the Revit Architecture Wish List system. We are constantly improving and modifying the system to better meet the needs of our members and we are always looking for feedback regarding the Wish List. Feel free to contact Brenda Richardson via email at