Sheets Retaining Visibility Settings

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Sheets Retaining Visibility Settings

Postby Roberto Pachon » 31 Jul 2007, 18:40

After printing and wasting more than few sets of drawings due to wrong visibility settings, I started to remember the good old days when the print files in AutoCAD were used to avoid this problem.

You'd set the layer state in the print file and it would remain in that state regardless of what the layer state was in the working file. You could print at any time without worrying that someone may have turned off this or that.

A similar feature is needed in Revit Architecture.

You should be able to set the desired visibilty settings in the sheets and they should remain that way until further notice.
Then and ownly then, you are free to use underlays, hide objects, crop, uncrop views, etc. without stuffing up the sheet (plot) visibilty settings.

I can hear people screaming: Use view templates!!
But you shouldn't waste time applying view templates to each drawing every time that you or someone else needs a drawing set because you would need then to put the settings back to what you were using before being asked to print a set. What a waste of time!!
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