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User Interface requests

Postby Tim Waldock » 17 Jul 2007, 22:43

Revit 2008 has lots of great new features and improvements, but there are still many minor issues in the interface which need fixing before the major upgrade which is required for such things as dual monitor support:
(Toby, please can you add these to your v2009 list?).

User Interface issues:

9. V V Filter by any available category :
In view visibility filters, we should be able to filter by all possible categories including all annotation types. Annotation categories could be hidden by a tab on the element selection dialog box.

10. Filter by sub-category :
Should be able to filter by any available subcategories – this applies to the element selection filter and view visibility filters.

11. Element Selection Filter by type :
Need to be able to filter types within the element selection filter (including annotation types such as text and section markers).

12. Element Selection Filter by user defined filter.:
Should be able to access the user-defined filters (from view visibility) within the element selection filter. Need to be able to filter text by types

13. Better control of deleting from filters:
Deleting a line from a filter (schedule or view visibility) should not remove all subsequent entries in the filter – they should just shuffle up the list

UI Consistency:
14. Ceiling command is inconsistent :
The ceiling command format is not consistent with methodology for floors, roofs etc. It does not take the user straight into sketch mode – the sketch button appears on the options bar; If the sketch button is not clicked, it is not immediately obvious that Revit will attempt to create a ceiling just by clicking in a room – nor is it consistent with its results. Note that v2008 has radically changed the interface for group editing – not we have another inconsistency. I don’t mind that new type of interface, but I do mind that it is inconsistent.

15. Consistency in options bar:
Order of items on the options bar should be consistent between categories. E.g. The filter button keeps moving to left or right with different commands or categories – to solve this the most common items like filter and press & drag should be furthest left, or else on a static part of the bar. it can be confusing for users who rely very much on spatial memory than searching for a visual clue. NB, Revit is generally very good in this respect

16. Consistency in properties dialog:
Order of system parameters in properties dialog box should be consistent between categories. E.g. Top & base constraints plus offsets for Shaft openings should be the same order as Walls and Columns; also, columns do not have a height parameter – it can be confusing for users who rely very much on spatial memory than reading text on a dialog.

17. Order of user-defined parameters in properties dialog box should be user controllable, for the same reasons. This should be done in the family edit mode - type dialog box

Properties Information
18. Properties Dialog to show info on all elements:
Properties info should be given for all categories/families, for example:

18.1 all line-types, distinguishing what type they are – model, detail, room separation or area lines, and what sub-category they are.

18.2 Shaft openings should display family filled in ie. “system family: shaft opening”

18.3 In-place families should display family, and name filled in ie. “family: in-place family” Type “casework 1”

18.4 In-place families should display category

18.5 Component families should display category

18.6 Reference plane extent properties:
Reference planes should have vertical extent properties just like columns, walls etc – ie. Top and base levels plus offsets – this would make it easier to control which views they appear in. Users often delete important reference planes on one level as they cannot see that they are important on another level above or below

19. Components to have a query option:
When a component is selected it would be very useful to have a query button on the options toolbar, just like the one for linked dwg files – it should display the sub-categories, and allow them to be turned off.

20. Wall location line on Options bar :
When a wall is selected, the location line setting for that wall should appear on the options bar (as per when placing new walls) – the need to change wall location lines is a graphic thing, so it is not like other properties which need to be accessed by the dialog box

21. Snap to remote objects – toggle shortcut key:
The snap to remote objects keyboard shortcut should be an On/Off toggle, not just an “On” switch

22. New schedule by right-click:
It should be possible to create any new view type by right-clicking on that view title in the project browser, (like we can for new sheets) – especially for new schedules.

Type Selector
23. Exclude structural columns from component list:
Structural columns should not be listed in the Type selector list when “Components” is selected – ordinary columns, doors & windows are not listed, so why are structural ones; this is inconsistent and makes the component list even longer;

24. Type selector sorting:
The type selector list needs to allow sorting/filtering to reduce the length of the list – particularly when using component. (lists can get very long) this could be done by category (or subcategory); or by using user-defined filters?

25. Type selector – shorten Family info
The type selector should display shorter family information, particularly for linked Revit files – currently says “Linked Autodesk Revit Model: . . . . . . .” so that the actual file name is not visible.

26. Phasing controls should be more like worksets controls:
Phasing is one of the most confusing parts of Revit – it could be more user friendly just by making interface changes. The worksets controls are a good starting point as an example:
26.1. Phasing toolbar:
We need a “Phase” toolbar much like the worksets one – with an “Active Phase” and “Current phase filter” on it so users can easily see current status without opening the view properties.

26.2. V V phasing tab:
View Visibility dialog box needs another tab for phasing – this could list all the phases which are currently visible, which would be useful even if users could only change the phase filter, and then see, but not change a list of visible phases by user-defined name (and their override status).

26.3. Phasing selection by checkboxes:
Taking this concept a stage further (beyond mere interface tweaks), the filters tab of the “Settings Phases” dialog box could list all the available phases with checkboxes against each one. This would allow non-consecutive phase selection, and the selection of many phases without combining all past phases into one. – this may be opening a Pandora’s box, but it would greatly enhance flexibility. Not all phasing is linear time-based.
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