True North and 3D elevation shortcuts don't work together

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True North and 3D elevation shortcuts don't work together

Postby Roberto Pachon » 17 Jul 2007, 14:12

I have a shortcut for each of the elevations in 3D. ie. "ea" will rotate the 3D model and give me the east elevation. Very handy and works well.

Well, until you rotate your project to True North and rename the elevations to match the new orientation.

I type "we" and instead of getting the new west elevation, I get the elevation that used to be called west before rotating the project to True North. So, now I type "no" for north and get east instead!!

I am not even sure that this issue can be classifised as a bug but it's certainly not what you expect.

Actually what I'd expect, ideally, is the elevations to be automatically renamed accordingly when you rotate to True North. And, at least, the shortcuts to honour the new elevation name.
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Postby D'zinner » 17 Jul 2007, 16:00

Your right this is more of a wishlist item than a bug.

I Think Revit should loose that whole Project North, True North system, and be replaced with simpler, intelligent north point symbol, Where the user just has to rotate north point to correct bearing, and revit could then take info and name elevations and other views automaticly.
It would help Autodesk to solve your problem Robo, & make revit more user freindly.

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