Revit 2009 Wishlist

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Revit 2009 Wishlist

Postby Toby Maple » 25 Jun 2007, 18:31

Can everyone please submit wishlist items for the next release of Revit (2009) so we can forward to Autodesk at the end of the week. Sorry it's short notice, but here's your change to get Revit to work the way you want...

If you use Architecture, Structure or MEP please include them all here, just note which flavour you are using.

I'll start the ball rolling with.

1. Zig Zag or any alternate line tool similar to AutoCAD.
2. Communication Centre to work!! and notify you of updated builds
3. be able to export as .obj or .stl for 3D printing
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Postby D'zinner » 25 Jun 2007, 19:07

4. Window & Door wizards for the ezy creation of custom windows and doors.

5. Ability to have curtain window to show up on window/ door schedule.

6. MentalRay engine in next release plz. (Done - Wes)

7. Better management of families, ie. if you want to load a door revit should jump strait to door family folder. We shouldn't have to go hunting through folders very time we need to load a family.

8. Site tool, site tools and some more site tools.

9. Osnap settings like autocad 'mirror between two points'
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Postby D'zinner » 26 Jun 2007, 14:12

Intelligent North Points
When a north point is inserted into a drawing and set to right bearing, revit should be able to take this information & use it to set up true north Automatically. The current manual methods for setting up True north & project north is time wasting & confusing.
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the last fish has been caught,
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will you realize you cannot eat money.'
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Postby Wesley » 26 Jun 2007, 22:11

11. proper dual monitor support !!!!
12. 'persistent' dialogue boxes (leave the element properties open permanently and it changes info with each item you select)
13. texture display in shaded views
14. new 3D walkthrough navigation tools (such as in first person games)
15. full 64-bit support, including dual core and multithreading support

etc, etc.
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Postby monumentum » 27 Jun 2007, 09:08

16. Revisions

These comments were emailed to subscription support (22/02/07) following a few particularly trying episodes wrestling with the “revisions” tools within Revit. To date I haven’t received any further advice following the acknowledgement that my comments had been received.

I find this issue particularly disappointing as it would seem, in my naivety, that the functionality I’d like to see is not technically beyond Revit… Rather that it just does not relate to what I would consider “accepted professional practice” or permit sufficient flexibility to be capable of being adapted to apply to an individual practice’s standards.

My comments were, and remain, as follows:

Editing of revisions
Firstly, it is absolutely necessary to permit editing of revision descriptions, dates etc. after they have been issued. Whilst the restriction which Revit places on the editing of revisions may seem a logical QA feature, in practice, it is the cause of most of the problems related to the use of this aspect of Revit.

No matter how thoroughly this aspect of Revit is managed in practice, a mistake is always possible. For example, it is probable that a revision may be accidentally “issued” within Revit before it is complete!

Maybe, it would be practical to password lock this feature so that the Project Administrator is able to edit, and take responsibility for the editing of, revision when necessary.

Example problem
A new view is created by “duplicating with detail” an existing view. The existing view has revisions associated with the view. Of course the new view should not yet be revised as it’s a new view. But because the original view has been revised this new view adopts all of its revision settings. Of course this problem could have been averted given better consideration… But maybe it wasn’t! Unfortunately there is no, reasonably efficient, way to reverse or correct this, otherwise simple, mistake!

Selective display of revisions in the revision column
It is necessary to be able to select which revisions to display on the revision column so that you don’t run out of space on the drawing title sheet.

Display of “description” text in the Revisions dialogue box
When adding text to the “Description” column under Settings>Revisions it would be much more convenient if the text wrapped so that you could see the whole text of a revision at any one time.

It is common, particularly post documentation, tender and during construction, to use fairly concise descriptions of each amendment. This can mean that each revision description becomes lengthy. In our case it is not uncommon for a revision to be 10 or more lines of text in length. Revit’s Revision editor only displays one line of text at a time. Consequently editing a long string of revision text is particularly annoying!

Ability to edit a revision from the drawing sheet
Ideally one would be able to edit the text of a revision by selecting it from the drawing sheet. This function should be available at least until the revision has been issued.

Revisions by sheet
It would also be useful if there were an option to permit revisions to be unique to each sheet, or group of sheets For example Revit might provide a dialogue box with a table, possible in the form of a schedule, with each sheet and the current revision, date and description.

For convenience it would be useful if the revision parameters that relate to each sheet were to be able to be accessed through a right click on the sheet in the project browser.

Access to revision parameters
Why can’t the Revision parameters be accessible such that the revision designation could be illustrated on the bottom corner of the sheet. In my experience this is typically how drawing sheets are referenced by most disciplines in the construction industry.

Additionally it would be usefull if the sheet issue date was to reflect the revision issue date. Once again this is typically how most practices date their drawings in my experience. Or maybe if the Revision Issue Date parameter was available it could be included in the title block also.

Flexible revision designation
Surely it must be possible to use letters (or numbers) for the designation of revisions!

Issued to / issued by / ect.
It would be useful to have additional parameters to be able to record who made an amendment, who it was issued to etc.

Revision reset
In the event that you would like to use an existing project as a template for another project… Or even views and/or sheets within a current project... It would be very useful to be able to reset the revision. This maybe necessary project wide or view or sheet specific.
This may also require password or some other sort of protection.

Revision added to file name when exporting to CAD or writing PDF
An overhaul of REVIT’s file naming for export and print should include the sheet revision in the file name (and the date).

Automated drawing transmittal registers
I have a dream that Revit, one day, may be able to manage its own document transmittal register.

In fact, if the revision parameters were accessible to schedule this would basically be possible now.

Imagine that consultant, client and contractor contact details can be entered as project information. And revision designation, date, by, to, description etc. could be scheduled.

It would then be possible to produce a drawing, maybe the coversheet to a drawing set, that included all of the client, consultant and contractor contact details and a perfectly up-to-date, automatically generated drawing transmittal!

Maybe you could even select the sheets to print in a particular drawing set by transmittal date from this schedule.

Every time you issue drawings… they could be issued with a revised cover sheet that could summarise the current issue, all previous issues, and provide a complete list of the current revisions.

Wow… that would really be exciting! And, considering what Revit is capable of in other capacities I find it difficult to understand why this isn’t possible now!

Currently we’re very disappointed of this aspect of Revit. Whilst it is very promising it just doesn’t provide the necessary flexibility to be reliable on big and/or complex projects. Accordingly, we will be reluctant to use the “Revisions” aspect of Revit on future projects until it is better resolved.
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Postby monumentum » 27 Jun 2007, 09:17

It's about time someone pushed this list along... You asked for it!

17. Project north, true north, magnetic north
It would be useful to simplify the relationship between project north (for sheet orientation), true north (for shadow analysis) and magnetic north (for surveyed bearings).

Ideally these could be separate project parameters, i.e. for project, true and magnetic north.

Then it might be possible to set up title sheets to automatically align the north point correctly on every sheet.

18. Material mapping
I would be useful to be able to “simply” specify an origin point for the set out of mapped materials. A typical example is floor or wall tiling where it is necessary to select a setout point so that tile joints are located where intended.

19. Decals in families
It would be useful to be able to attach decals within families.

20. Decals in shaded views
It would be useful to be able to show decals in shaded views, e.g. for signage, landscape, entourage etc.

21. Texture in shaded views
It would also be nice to have an option to display textures in shaded view… Or maybe a new “texture view” option.

22. Camera and/or view facing models
It would be useful if there is a template that allows a model and/or decal to adjust its orientation to always face the camera, and/or view. E.g. to create 2D trees (and/or other content) using imported graphics that will render from all camera positions. (I think Archicad does this somehow!).

23. Alignment of drawings on different drawing sheets
It would be useful to be able to snap align plans from one drawing sheet to the next. Maybe using grid lines or reference planes that are common to each view?

24. Tool type selection (trim, dimension ect.)
Once a tool has been activated it would be useful to have the ability to scroll between options without having to select each option from the toolbar.

E.g. You select the trim tool then toggle between the different trim options (trim, extend, etc.) using the [space bar] until the desired option is selected.
Select dimension tool then toggle between different dimension types (linear, angular, radius, etc.) using the [space bar].

25. Dimension prefix and suffix (and underline notation)
It would be useful to be able to add a prefix and/or suffix to a dimension in the middle of a dimension string. I.e. just select that actual dimension and edit its prefix and/or suffix independently from the rest of the dimension string.

Also, an added bonus would be an option to add a centre justified note below (or above) the dimension text. E.g. for adding room names or other reference relating to a particular dimension when required.

26. Area schedules
Revit does not seem to allow phases to be set for area schedules. E.g. For a staged development where you want to generate, GFA schedules for the various proposed stages of development.

27. Window sills (host sweep)
I Would like to be able to add window and door sills that relate to their appropriate category. E.g. for a sill, typically “wall”..
Maybe this could be done as a special type of host sweep.
Additionally it would be useful to be able to model a sill parametrically in a window family, once again, that relates to its appropriate category… typically “wall” and not “window”!

28. Dual screen support
I would really like to see proper dual screen support.
So that windows tile separately between the screens.
And so that dialogue box options operate properly on both screens.
And including more flexibility with the organization of menus, generally to maximise drawing space on screen.

29. Coarse view graphic override
Coarse view graphic over-ride should extend to all building elements, particularly stairs and structure to facilitate graphic consistency.

30. View control
Ability to toggle between open views using simple key strokes. E.g alt+up arrow to scroll forward and alt+down arrow to scroll backward! (Done - refer Chris Needham post below - Wes)

31. Plan region
Plan Region does not work for hatch patterns! Eg. The floor hatch pattern from a level below appears, despite the setting of View Range or the use of a Plan Region!

32. Modeling irregular curved objects
Modeling of irregular curved objects is troublesome within Revit. For example, it would be useful to be able to model a surface from edges like “Autocad 3d ruled surface”. Ideally this could be given a thickness or base.

33. Create subdirectories in the project browser
It would be useful to be able to create sub-directories in the project browser… E.g. to group shadow diagrams, electrical plans, etc.
At the very least it is necessary to separate call out views.
I know there are “work arounds” that can provide this function… But I think it would be nice if this was part of the core functionality.

34. Section and elevation marks matching
It would be useful to be able to match the visual appearance and location of section and elevation marks between views.

35. Edit from right click menu
It would be convenient to be able to select “edit” from a right click menu (or hot-key) rather than having to select “edit” from the menu bar. E.g. when editing a floor!

36. View templates (adjustment of “view depth)
When using View Templates it would be useful to be able to toggle the adjustment of “view depth” on and off!

37. Shaded view over-ride
It would be useful to have a, project wide, shadows “on” or “off” over-ride! Say to turn shadows off all views until reset.
And possibly, to improve regeneration when working on shaded views, an option such that the shading does not regenerate with each pan or zoom.

38. Cuttable Families
It would be useful if Revit provided the option for you to select if a family is to be “cuttable” or “non-cuttable”. There are many categories, e.g. mechanical and plumbing, that are currently not cuttable in which we regularly would like to model “cuttable” content. E.g. When creating schematic ducting and/or drainage layouts.
Which means that most of this gets modeled as generic items. Which is OK but not desirable!

39. Phasing of shafts
It would be useful to have the ability to set the phasing of a shaft. E.g for when a new shaft is cut into an existing structure.

40. Ability to tag legends
It would be very useful to have a facility to tag legends. This would be particularly useful when creating door and window legends. Ideally, there would be an option to list all instances or just by type.

41. Legends
It would be useful to be able to flip elements in legends. I.e. to show doors and windows with the swing on the correct side where necessary.

42. Tag rotation
It would be useful to have the ability to rotate tags to a specified angle or to align with a wall or other related element. E.g. to align a window tag with windows on an angled wall.

43. Align to plane
It would be useful to have the ability to flip to the opposite side of the plane. E.g. when you orientate to a plane and wind up looking at your model from the opposite side than intended.

44. Modeling
The modeling of some complex shapes is very frustrating. I find that the modeling tools regularly fail with complex geometry! For example, why do extruded and elliptical sweeps fail so inconsistently?

45. Text width parameter
It would be useful if there were an option with a parameter to control the width of a block of text to a specific set dimension (e.g 75mm wide).

46. Text tables
It would be useful to be able to create and edit text tables more simply.

47. Schedules
Whilst this functionality is available to a degree, it would be useful if there were a facility to incorporate simple calculated fields in a schedule. I would like to see this work more like a basic spread sheet.
And schedules should allow better editing and graphic control.
Large schedules can be very slow to edit.
More efficient operation… Current can be very slow!
It would be useful to be able to select, when necessary, more than one row at a time to enter the same value.

48. Object settings
It would be useful to be able to sort sub-categories by material assignment, colour, line style etc.

49. Elevation and section view depth control
It would be very useful to incorporate an elevation and section view depth control. I imagine that this would be similar to the view depth control in plan. This facility would improve the graphic presentation of sections and elevations.
Ideally there would be three depths of view to adjust the line style, weight, shading, etc. dependant on how close or far an element is from the view plane.

50. Model text voids
It would be handy, from time to time, if model text could be used as a void to cut text profiled shapes out of solid elements.

51. Model text mirroring
It would be useful if there were an option to mirror model text without mirror-reversing the actual text.

52. New categories
For signage and fire services
It would be useful to include a few new categories… for example:
1. For “signage”, so that signage can be better managed, scheduled etc.
2. For “fire”, so that fire services (e.g. hydrants, hose reel, extinguishers etc._ can be better managed and scheduled etc.

53. Filled regions or fill patterns transparency and gradient fill.
It would be nice to have linear or radial gradient fills and transparency adjustments for filled regions.

54. Re-sequencing of tag numbering
It would be handy if there were a simple tool to allow the re-sequencing of tag numbering.

55. Finish and material parameters
I think that it would make sense that material and finish were separate, independent, parameters!

Typically “material” would be a “type” parameter, and “finish” an “instance” parameter, although this might not exclusively be the case.
The finish parameter should control the elevation and 3d appearance.
The material parameter should control the cross sectional “cut” appearance.

Typically these two parameters could be scheduled separately.
Ideally finish would be able to be applied to wall, floors, ceilings etc.
Also it would be useful to be able to select by material and/or finish.
And also, how about the ability to set different internal and external finishes for the same wall (without adding additional layers)

56. 3d dimensioning
To enable vertical and other non-horizontal dimensioning of axonometric views without having to set the workplane. E.g. use “space-bar to toggle between possible workplanes maybe”.

57. Non-rectangular crop regions
The ability to set irregular crop regions would assist with complex presentation sheet layouts.

58. Select all instances (in view) tool
I think a logical extension of the “select all instances” would allow you the option to select all instances only from the current view.

59. The ability to attach walls to stairs and have stairs join to floors
Stairs are still fiddly and lack flexibility. Stairs should be able to attach and clean to floors.
Similarly, walls should be able to attach to the underside of stairs.
Spiral stairs should be able to go further than 360°. And spiral treads need to be able to overlap.

60. Better control of hosted Railings
You need to provide the ability to manual edit the 3D path to ensure the railing follows the appropriate angles etc.

61. Hob tool
It would be nice if there were a hob tool that allowed a hob to be drawn anywhere on a slab or floor.
The “slab edge” hosted sweep is fine for drawing hobs as long as your hob follows an edge. However it is often the case that a hob is required that may not follow an edge!

62. Room tool
It would be useful to be able to select the associated lower limit of a room as well as the upper limit and offset.
This is a very frustrating problem when you have a plan over may levels and it is not necessary to define a view for every level!

63. Ceiling bulkheads
It would be useful to have the ability to model bulkheads under ceiling. Of course this can be done using an “in-place family” or “wall”. But, I think, it would make sense to be able to draw a bulkhead as part of a ceiling!

64. PDF
Even though I’m getting to like DWF… Please reinstate PDF writer for Revit. Why take away functionality that is already there?
Include a provision to import PDF documents directly into Revit. This would assist with consultant coordination and to include manufacturer’s details and specifications.

65. 3d camera view control
It would be nice if there were a more “game like” intuitive navigation tool through and around the 3d model.
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Wishlist items for Revit 2009

Postby chrisneedham » 20 Aug 2007, 00:04

Agreed! Great thread!

I have two points for feedback though:
re 30. CTRL-TAB cycles forward and CTRL-SHIFT-TAB cycles backward.
re 50. Do you know of the workaround to use the GLASS material (100% transparency) for model text voids in solid objects? (Although this only really makes a difference in rendered views)

I'll check my notes for other wishlist suggestions...

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Postby monumentum » 21 Aug 2007, 11:48

Many thanks! "ctrl+tab" That is gold... I knew there must have been a simple, obvious, solution to that one. But I'd never found it!

I've experimented with the glass model text void... But I've never really acheived the results I was looking for and I think real void model text would be good!


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More items

Postby chrisneedham » 21 Aug 2007, 16:40

66. Resizeable dialogs
In addition to point 12, I would like to have the ability to resize dialogs (most if not all dialogs would be improved by this). The most annoying non-resizeable dialog currently in existence is surely the nested part used for selecting from Type Catalogs!
Others in need of this feature:
- Settings/options dialog (eg. library path locations)
- Element properties/Type Properties

67. Material organisation
Better organisation of materials (the 'heading' idea from v9.1 using capitals is a rubbish solution - how about nodes organised by material category?) Perhaps a change to the rendering engine might fix this...

68. Software management
Improved understanding of software management issues. AutoCAD (dare I say it) allows a pretty good balance of control and flexibility. Revit allows comparatively very little. I speak of the Revit.ini file in particular - this could be divided up into two files: one that contains settings changeable by each individual user, and another that is managed by a Revit administrator.

69. Areas in Options
Currently areas are not (or cannot be) associated with Design Options. Rooms (and therefore room areas) can be, so why not areas? Eg. when you're presenting Option 1=Rectangular building & Option 2=Circular Building. And their respective areas are...
(Currently you can do this, but only via differing area schemes)

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additional wishlist items

Postby ario » 13 Sep 2007, 14:17

70. Intelligent resizing.
I had to resize a whole building due to site survey discrepancies, this was a real pain since revit can only resize (scale) lines and walls. The floors did attach automatically, but other elements just floated uncontrollably.

71. Automatic dimensioning.
One of the technologies already used in Revit (as in temporary dimensions to elements) but not utilized to the fullest. As in ArchiCAD it would be nice to just select a floor plan and watch as the magic dimensioning of common elements pop-up.

72. More intuitive modelling and 2D detailing.
As in Microstation Triforma, there should be an option to switch back to legacy CAD modeling/drafting when required. Maybe include an interface to allow autoCAD style drafting, and more importantly an adjustable coordinate system (UCS, ACS, North points, Z-axis control etc)
I know it's proper to do it the BIM way but sometimes there's just no need.. really.

thank you Santa, I'll be a good boy.. promise

Revit Drawing Manager

Postby thebimman » 13 Sep 2007, 21:25

I see there's a lot of talk for a half decent drawing manager for Revit - Has anyone heard of

There's a pretty good drawing manager on their website - there's a Free/Shareware version that creates/manages drawings/sheets... and then there's a version to buy that'll create drawing issue transmittals/reports, do drawing archiving, etc...

Have a look download the shareware version - i've been using it for a while now and find it really easy to use and it manages to do just about everything i need it to do...
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Postby Wesley » 14 Sep 2007, 14:44

They are also working on a revision manager that I believe a LOT of people (see Glenn's comments above) are eagerly awaiting
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Drawing Control

Postby » 22 Nov 2007, 10:05

73. The ability to toggle on and off ortho/polar would be helpful. Revit often wants to snap to a predetermined angle, for example, when free drawing site lines in SubRegion command. This would also be helpful in detailing and with general wall layouts in non-parallel situations.
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