Revit Server Live, Hands on, at our Solutions Days..

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Revit Server Live, Hands on, at our Solutions Days..

Postby SeanT » 29 Mar 2011, 18:56


We are running a series of Technical Solutions Days starting on March 6th in Sydney and will be setting up Revit Server in a live environment for people to try out. We will also be running an information session on how the setup is achieved with examples of the variations being discussed such as Citrix and Virtualisation.
We are aiming to have Vault linking to Revit at this session as well.

I've been speaking with Toby on this topic and want to encourage as many people as possible to come along (it's FREE!) so that we can get some good brainstorming sessions going.

More information below - weblink for full details, including registration HERE.

We'd love to see you there, please register and come along.

Sean Twomey
AEC Systems

Revit Server - HANDS ON
We will literally have a Revit Server set up in a live environment at our Solutions Day events - everyone we speak to has got questions about speed and general concerns. There are interesting ideas on variations using Virtualisation, Citrix as well as discussions on how Vault/Buzzsaw fit into the process - we are covering all of these and the other options available - as well as showing our interpretations of these, we are going to have a proper brainstorming session to work out how everything fits into the process.

2 way Link between Excel and Revit with Ideate BIMLink
- Pull Data into Excel where it can link with cost estimating, takeoff or analysis tools.
- Push data (calculated in Excel) such as occupancy loads, duct and pipe lengths, or beam cut lengths, back into tags in Revit.
This software adds a new dimension to the "I" of BIM - as well as displaying the information in the model, we can also search, filter, quantify and select elements and export the results to Excel.

The Impact of Building on the BUILT ENVIRONMENT
We have focused on BIM and other means of perfecting the geometry of the Buildings and Roads we design for quite some time. This presentation adds a new perspective to the Information that can be modelled with a focus on the people that inhabit the buildings and how they travel. This new modelling approach allows Cost Benefit Analysis on how design changes will affect the bottom line of a development.

This session focuses on the aspects of Adobe that are most relevant to drawing production. The most relevant feature is the ability to automatically display "SUPERSEDED" watermarks on existing PDF's automatically when a new version of the file is issued. We will specifically demonstrate this feature as it is the one that everyone is most interested in. We will also show how to compare different drawings and have Adobe show the differences, as well as the latest and greatest in the Adobe Suites.

The power of "What if..." in Site Design and the BIM Process...
We have invited the developers of the Siteops Software to show how their solution fits into the BIM process and the details of how it takes Dynamic Cost Estimation to the next level.
We will be asking for feedback on how to apply the inbuilt functionality for optimising the design to provide multiple solution scenarios for layout, grading, piping, access and everything else needed for Site Design to ANZ standards.

More information HERE.
We look forward to seeing you there.
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