Review - Revit Structure 2008

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Review - Revit Structure 2008

Postby Wesley » 02 Oct 2007, 10:51

by Lachmi Khemlani

Link: Revit Structure 2008 Review

>Revit Structure 2008 is the new release of Autodesk’s integrated BIM solution for structural design and documentation built on the Revit platform.

Pros: All the strengths of the Revit platform including relative ease of use, parametric building components, and automatic synchronization of all graphical and tabular views; bi-directional link to popular structural analysis tools allowing the analysis results to be readily incorporated back into the design; allows collaborative multi-disciplinary building design when used with Revit Architecture and Revit MEP; several modeling improvements in the new release including curved beams, dedicated truss element, slab modification tools, the ability to cut holes in beams and columns and add stiffeners, and rebar improvements for concrete construction; critical improvements in groups and linked files, and the ability to split views, which make it easier to model and document large projects; several display enhancements that allow views to be customized as required; ongoing development and availability of extensions from Robobat that extend the capabilities of the application.

Cons: Limited ability to model complex geometry and freeform shapes due to lack of support for inclined walls, non-planar slabs, curved beam systems, etc.; some modeling operations cannot be done in 3D and require work planes and framing elevations to be set up to work in 2D views; quality of documentation is functional and could be significantly improved to enhance the learning experience.<
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