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PostPosted: 05 Jul 2006, 20:44
by Gary Young
I'm interested in where Revit is taking us with keynotes and using them to reference specifications & quantities. The CSI system looks impressive. Will Autodesk update to Masterformat 2004? Will some Australian Revit users go the American way and some write keynotes to natspec or their own spec codes? Is there a recomended system for Aussy users? :shock:


PostPosted: 05 Jul 2006, 21:55
by Wesley
This is a very important thread, and I hope a lot of you will chip in comments here. The direction taken with keynoting is being left to the Australian localisation team ( :wink: ) to determine....

We had a long look at this with the rollout of Revit 9, and did not put a true keynoting system in place. The reason for this? It seems there really is no system in Australia that even comes close to being considered as a standard. What we have started instead is to 'prepare the ground' for a 'standard' by working on the library naming and filing system (have a look through the detail components). This is based on the CSI Masterspec 14 division setup. This is standard in the US, essentially the same in NZ, and used in a few other places as well. Note that the CSI standard is about to be changed over to 54 divisions, and this must be considered as well.

In Australia, the two major spec packages are Natspec and Specpak. Natspec is the dominant one, BUT... Specpak uses the 14 division CSI standard as its setup! We have had some preliminary chats with the Specpak team, and would seriously consider setting up a keynote and filing system within Revit consistent with it. We have not yet done so as we consider dangerous indeed to make such a change without more feedback than we had a chance to garner at the time.

Note: a second, and quite big, advantage to setting up a system consistent with one of the spec systems here is that we are also looking at converting an american program that can use your Revit model to prep your spec for you. To make this work will require a tie in back to keynotes and assembly codes.



PostPosted: 06 Jul 2006, 22:24
by Gary Young
CSI looks great! They have managed to implement standard divisions and sections across a whole range of disciplines. for example have a look at they have a specs wizard online somewhat like specbuilder pro from natspec and its free And I like the idea of documenting architectural details with a numerical code like a parts manual. We even tried specpack. But switching to a system with so many numbers and divisions is not easy. Having a division for specialties and another for special construction gets confusiong, and there is often more than one section where you could put some items. When seaching the web there is a huge selection of American sites that use CSI divisions for product search. The only trouble is we are not in the USA.


PostPosted: 07 Jul 2006, 09:41
by Michael Juda
This seems to be a topic that everyone has been discussing for a very long time. I can remember talking to many BDA members in refrence to linking drawings and specifications through PDF. I tried mucking around with different ways to do this, one of which was in version 7 or 8 placing a section turning off the model and placing that specification on the that page. This did work for a certain detail (Fire Seperation for James Hardie external cladding) it was great for the client and the Builder who were both some what computer literate and were persional friends. I dont think that i would go to that trouble again, but it was good to have it all there and put me in good standing with council.

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2006, 18:55
by essdubbya
One of the top ten things that lead to business success -
Systemise!...Systemise!...Systemise! :)

PostPosted: 11 Jul 2006, 11:49
by corinoco
We use Natspec, but for no great reason other than that we have mostly done our specs by hand - literally. Wally hand writes 'em! :shock:

The worked well for a lot of the 'small', or at least heavily customised projects we have been doing in the past. Now that we are starting to get into larger projects that use more 'conventional' construction (like copper-clad foamed-glass shell structures :lol: ) Natspec 'by hand' isn't very efficient; it's also very time-consuming.

I haven't had a look at the CSI / Specpak system, but from what I am hearing it sounds like a better system.

In Revit terms, I don't have too much of a problem with picking just one method of keynoting; I think as long as there is an API, if people really want to customise things, they can use that? Maybe?

Actually is there any documentation for the API? Or any plans for it?

API docs

PostPosted: 11 Jul 2006, 13:29
by Wesley
There are some docs available for developer / distributors, but I don't believe there is anything available to the general public. On the othere hand, it is now using .net, so there are lots of books and such you can use to learn that.

Re: Keynotes

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2013, 12:26
by chris.j.mckeown
This is an old thread but curious to see where people are now... Still keynoting, using what system?