Have YOU done your backups today?

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Have YOU done your backups today?

Postby wbarda » 23 Jun 2006, 17:20

Gee I'm glad we won the soccer! :D

Got in to work this morning (early!) to discover that a gutter way up on the roof had filled with leaves, and the rain caused water to overflow into a high-level window... down the wall... over the desk... and onto.... the wiring to THE SERVER! :shock:

Electrical wiring + water = BAD :cry:

Nice P4 3.6G RAID Win2K3 Server go bang. Or more likely fzzzzzz.....

As of 1pm we were back up and running, due to redundant hard drives!

Note for the over-stressed DIY IT person: SATA RAID drives (mirrored array - RAID-1 I think...) can be plugged into a workstation, and read by WinXP Pro (needs to be pro; you have to be Domain Admin). AND as an added bonus, if you went to all the trouble of setting up offline PST files, your email will still work!

Well, it will if you set them up! :oops: I was relying on OST files, which have backed things up, but can't be accessed without the Exchange server. We can still send and recieve, thank goodness!


Have you got your files on redundant hard drives? Have you backed up lately? Is it going to rain?....

Will Australia beat Italy? YOU BET! :D

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