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Section views

Postby Dan Druff » 14 May 2008, 01:24

I find myself putting in multiple sections, and the bigger the job the more we use most of which are just for a temporary viewing and are not referenced to a sheet which we don’t want to see in printing so I would find it handy to have an option in visibility graphics under annotation categories to have a tick box for “none referenced sections” or something along these lines.

Anyone else think this would be of any use?


Dan Druff

Postby Andrew Munoz » 16 May 2008, 18:46

Take a look in print, settings, setup, under options there is a "Hide unreferenced view tags" check box. Check it and it should do the trick
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Re: Section views

Postby simondavid » 10 Aug 2010, 17:49

You could also use a Filter, if your sheet sections had a prefix, you could filter out all other sections from view by name. This cleans up our Drawings while working on them.
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