Not a bug - more a 'not working as expected'

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Not a bug - more a 'not working as expected'

Postby corinoco » 05 Jun 2006, 13:44

It's always when you have something slightly complex to do that you discover the fun little quirks...

Multiple section markers to hide - about 70! - I want to show some sections, but not others.

Select multiple section markers - yep!
Right Click - pick 'Hide Annotation in View' option.
ONE Section disappears, leaving 69 to go...

Generally, multiple selected items will ALL respond to change properties etc. through right click. eg. change of elevation marker type. It is inconsistent that 'Hide Annotation In View' only ever works on ONE annotation, no matter how many are selected.

Sigh... select... right click... Hide in View... 68 to go....
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