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Printers ??

PostPosted: 01 Apr 2014, 18:27
by RobGod
We are looking at replacing our very old HP Designjet 800 (more than 10 years old) for an new A2 colour printer.
We need it mainly for printing photo and presentation quality prints on to A2 photo paper but it is handy to have as a back up in case our large format OCE CW300 is not working (rarely happens).

I have not started doing any research but am simply looking for some recommendations.
I believe I am likely to start by looking at HP, Oce, Canon and Epson but am open to any suggestions.

- A2 in size (long side of A2, so it is possible to print A1 if required)
- Mainly for glossy prints of renders and presentation boards
- Roll feed is preferred, but sheet feed is also required
- Can act as a back up printer should our main printer be out of action

Hope you can all help...


Re: Printers ??

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2014, 22:25
by Lucas Skertchly
Competitively which I have done before the both printers A2 colour printer and HP Designjet 800, I don't feel anything any thing different in both. The all specifications are the same and the only difference is that it is quite old then the new generation printers. Although I would prefer the HP Designjet 800 to the other printers.