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Website notes

Postby Wesley » 30 Apr 2006, 00:55

Several comments to make about the site:

First: I ask that you all register as members of the user group. Registration is free, and you can choose what information from your registration is visible to other users. Soon we will swap over to using the listing on this site for all our mailouts. This will mean that if you are NOT registered on the site (and as a member of the RUGs mailout usergroup, see next point) you will eventually stop getting agendas for meetings, minutes, notices and other information from us. Once you have registered, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration (to prevent someone signing up as you), follow this link to complete the process.

Second: When you first enter the online forums you will notice a number of buttons at the top of the page. Go to usergroups and register your name as a member of this group if you wish to receive our mailouts. This is designed to allow people who do NOT want to receive mailouts to still sign-up as members of the usergroup. Remember, you MUST JOIN THE RUGs MAILOUT USERGROUP TO RECEIVE OUR EMAILS!

Third: Options from the front page are:
    Online forum: discussion areas for all topics
    RUGs Registration: as noted above
    Revit Links: Links to websites, Blogs, and articles related to Revit
    RTC 2006 Interest: webpages with preliminary information on the upcoming conference, and a place to register to your interest

Fourth: The forum topic 'Meetings' is used to upload agendas and minutes for RUGs meetings. Each agenda includes a registration button to indicate whether or not you expect to make it to that meeting. Please do let us know through this registration if you are coming, as we will use these numbers to organise food and drink. Also, each set of minutes will include a 'poll' for you to indicate whether you thought the meeting was worthwhile or not. Again, it would be helpful to us if you enter your opinion in these polls so that we can fine tune how we run meetings, and what we arrange. General comments, questions, and feedback from meetings can be entered by hitting the 'post reply' button at the bottom of the minutes.

Finally: We will be finetuning the website as we go, so please add your comments and suggestions to the thread entitled RUGs website setup in the general discussion forum. I would like to thank Bo Zhen for his excellent work in getting the site built and running.

Wesley Benn
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