Temporary Dimensions are adjustable...

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Temporary Dimensions are adjustable...

Postby Toby Maple » 24 Sep 2007, 14:13

Stole this from the SA Users goup site. Thanks Bill.

For those of you you missed in it in the AUGI Forums or even Steve Stafford's Revit OpEd, part of the new improvements in the recent build included adjusting the size of temporary dimension text through Revit.ini.

Scott Latch, the new Technical Product Manager for Revit Architecture, posted these step-by-step instructions on how to modify the Revit.ini file to adjust the size of the temporary dimensions, in the AUGI Revit Community Forums.

1. Open Revit.ini file in Notepad.
The file is typically located in C:\Program Files\Revit Architecture 2008\Program.

2. Add the following line to Revit.ini in [Graphics] section:
Where N is a number larger than 8 (default hardcoded value). Good starting point is twice the default size (i.e. 16-17).

3. Save Revit.ini.

4. Restart Revit. If the size of temporary dimensions is still small, repeat from step 1 with larger number.

Please note, the [Graphics] section may not exist. If this is the case add a line that contains [Graphics].
Toby Maple
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Postby D'zinner » 24 Sep 2007, 17:47

Wozas Toby, thanks for that, i can now read temp dims without a magnifying glass.
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Postby RobGod » 26 Nov 2007, 12:39

Is there any way to turn the temporary dimensions OFF ?

May sound like an odd question but we are tracing the shadow edge in plan, so linework tool does not snap or select this edge - in the small tricky areas the temp dims keep getting in the way of the cursor and slecting the temp dims instead of placing the line. So, one of the staff members here wants to turn them off...

Any ideas ?
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Re: Temporary Dimensions are adjustable...

Postby peter jongen » 10 Nov 2008, 12:21

my eyes thank you
peter jongen
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