Revit TV Drawing Manager Install


·        Install using all default settings

·        Copy latest “dll” file to C drive
eg.  J:\CAD\REVIT\Support\RevitTV Drawing Manager\RTV DM v 2011-1-781

·        copy to:

·        C:\Program Files\RevitTV\Drawing Manager 2011

·        Overwrite previous one (or rename old one first).


Start Revit:

·     Go to Add-ins tab;  Click on Revit TV drawing Manager

·     It will ask for SQL Server authentication or Windows logon authentication (default).  Go with Windows, so it won’t need a password.

·     It will ask you to activate.  Yes.

·     You can choose a network license or Standalone.  Refer to Licensing for more detail

o      For standalone, fill in company name and city, then click on Activate.  It will start up an email asking for an activation code.

o      For network, you will need to browse for a network license file on your system. 

·     Make sure that correct SQL Server is selected.  Initial setup is “PTWAPPS\SQLEXPRESS”.

·     You can check in Regedit on another computer, to find the right one.

·     If it is wrong or needs to be changed, you can delete that entry in Regedit, and it will prompt you again next time you start it up.