Revit TV Drawing Manager Install – First Run Settings


Once the install process is complete for Revit TV Drawing Manager, you will need to make some initial settings by running it the first time.


Start Revit:

·     Go to Add-ins tab;  Click on Revit TV drawing Manager

·     It will ask for SQL Server authentication or Windows logon authentication (default).  Go with Windows, so it won’t need a password.

·     It will ask you to Activate.  Yes.

·     You should choose network license.  (Refer to Licensing for Standalone or more detail).

o   For network, you will need to browse for a network license file on your system. 

·     Make sure that correct SQL Server is selected.  Eg. “PTWAPPS\SQLEXPRESS”.

·     If you select the wrong one or it needs to be changed, you can delete that entry in Regedit (refer install), and it will prompt you again next time you start it up.

·     If your active Revit project already has a RTV DM database set up, it will just open the database.  If not, it may prompt you for a new project