Revit TV Drawing Manager


Setup – Titleblock



  On the project configuration dialog, go to the Titleblocks tab – this controls which Revit titleblock is used, and the layout of revision text.

Select the titleblock and double-click or click on

Or click on  to set up a new titleblock in RTV DM.


Below are the typical settings for an A1 landscape vertical format titleblock.


The following settings may need to be changed / checked:

·        Change the sheet name and browse for the right titleblock family for your project - from your project library, or use standard PTW one if no changes are to be made to amendment text locations or any labels controlled by parameters.

·       - rows on the revision schedule.

·       - height in mm of gap to next revision.  If line spacing is 4mm and text is 2mm high, this needs to be 2;  If line spacing is 4mm and text is 1.8mm high, this needs to be 2.2.

·       - set the separator to a dot to get a compact date format.

·       - tick this if you want leading zeros added to revision numbers

·       - untick if you don’t want revisions applied when sheets are created or imported

·       - sets out top left corner of first amendment text revision location.

·       - keeps revision, amendment note and date on one line.

·       - must be a text type that exists in your project.  It is better to have a unique type just for amendment text so that text size and setout is never changed.

·       - wraps long amendment notes onto second line and maintains normal spacing between lines.

·       - only used if you want it to display multiple scales on a titleblock instead of the usual “As Indicated” that Revit puts when you have mixed view scales on a sheet.



For a horizontal format titleblock, you need to change:

·    Titleblock Family;

·    Schedule Style;

·    Horizontal Schedule Style Layout;

·    Revision Schedule Coordinates & Height;

·    Column Widths & Text Alignments.


Multiple Titleblocks

If you have more than one “Type” of titleblock in the project, you will need to create multiple titleblock types in RTV DM.  The best way to do this is to set up the configuration for the first one, then test that it works exactly how you want.  Then you can duplicate the first one:

·            on the Titleblocks tab of the Project Configuration dialog box.

·         It will prompt you for a name, then enter the edit Titleblock Settings


·         Click on

·         Select the titleblock family from your project library (you must have it saved out of the project, with all types in it)

·         Select the Type that you need;  click

·         (Optional) If this is to be your most commonly used Type, then you can make it the default titleblock for the project:   - all new or imported sheets in RTV DM will use this default titleblock unless you tell it otherwise.

·         You should not need to change anything else unless it is a different family, in which case size and other settings may be adjusted.

·         Click

·         The new titleblock will now be listed