Revit TV Drawing Manager


Setup – Project Configurations

Once you have started a new Revit TV Drawing Manager project, you will need to change some project settings – the extent of changes depends on how similar the project is to the template you chose to start the project from.



Project Configuration

You can access the configuration settings from the “Project Settings” tab or the quick access drop-down “Edit Project” menu.



The project configuration has a series of tabs for different settings.


Controls format of sheet numbering, and date formats – refer to Config Numbering.


Controls how the titleblock parameters are managed, and how they are linked between the Revit file and RTV DM database – refer to Config Parameters.


Controls which Revit titleblock is used, and the layout of revision text – refer to Titleblock.


Controls revision stamps and revision cloud tagging - refer to Config Revisions.


Controls Issue Stamp options for the titleblock.


Controls Project Status options.  Current option is set under Project Edit.


Controls External Document Type list.


Controls Document Issue & Transmittal options, including contact list.


Used for creating and managing RTV project/database templates.