Revit TV Drawing Manager – Revision Clouds


Revision Clouds

RTV Drawing Manager can manage revision clouds and tags on the Revit sheets providing that you place clouds directly onto sheets (not in views) before you do the revisioning.

Revision Cloud Tags

RTV Drawing Manager will add tags to revision clouds that are placed on selected sheets when you click on the Tag Cloud icon.  It will also add tags when a selected sheet is synchronised, providing that you have the relevant setting ticked in “My Settings 


·         The tag will have labels for the current revision and date for each sheet.

·         The tag family will be “RTVRevCloudTag” which is automatically loaded into the project by RTV Drawing Manager – unless you change the settings.

·         The tag is a generic annotation.


When the next revision is added to a sheet, part of the Synch process will be to hide the previous revision cloud and tag on the sheet – Refer to Revisions Config for settings. 

Hidden clouds/tags can be found by using the “Reveal Hidden Elements” light bulb in Revit.


Unlinking Revision Cloud Tags

At any time the link between RTV Drawing Manager and the revision cloud/tag on a sheet can be broken by selecting a sheet and clicking on the “Remove Link” icon.  This will not actually delete the cloud or tag, it merely breaks the link so that the cloud/tag are not automatically hidden when the next revision is added.


NB. Do not confuse this command with project linking.