Revit TV Drawing Manager


Creating New Drawings

There are three ways to create new drawing sheets:  New Sheet , Insert  & Import

Creating New Sheets

 New Sheet – creates new sheet(s) as defined by settings:


·       - sets number of first drawing sheet to be created, showing a sample

·       - Defines the titleblock (& size) to be used. It uses default titleblock unless you tell it otherwise.

·       - Sheet name

·       - This will be the same as the name unless you change it afterwards.  The purpose of this is in case you want different names on the Revit project browser and the sheet itself.

·       - takes some values from the sheet you had selected when you clicked on New Sheet – Drawn By, etc but not sheet size/name.

·       - creates a range of sheets if you set it to higher than 1.  It will increment the number but all the rest stays the same.

·       to proceed.

·      NB. If the sheet number already exists, it will not proceed – it will give a warning symbol next to the number.

·      Newly created sheets in RTV Drawing Manager will generate the equivalent sheets in Revit when you synchronise