Revit TV Drawing Manager


My Settings

The settings on this tab will only affect how Drawing Manager runs on your computer – you don’t need to change most of them.


·      Tick  if you require all revision text, title etc to be in capital letters as you type them.  NB. There is also another setting for Caps just for the revision letter on the titleblock – refer Titleblock settings.


You may want to change the way it synchronises between the SQL database and Revit.  If you do not synchronise, then any changes, new drawing sheets, revisions etc, will not be transferred from the Drawing Manager database to the Revit sheets:

·       “Sync before Exit” means that it synchronises when you press the Exit button – generally choose this option

·       means that you need to select all the sheets that you want to synchronise.  This is the best option, as it does not have to go through every sheet each time (although you must remember to select the sheets that have been amended).  You can also exit without synchronising by not selecting any sheets, or by pressing the escape key.

·       - will synchronise only the drawings visible on the list.  The visible list can be controlled by filtering only the drawings you are interested in or have modified – done by clicking on .

·       - If you rearrange columns on the sheet list, this is normally remembered per user per project.  When you go to “Project Configuration” it resets the column order, unless you have this setting ticked.

·       - As part of the Synch process it links revision letters to clouds and attaches an appropriately labelled symbol to each cloud.  If you are not using RTV Drawing Manager to control revision clouds, this should be unticked.