Revit TV Drawing Manager


Multiple Drawing Revisions:

·        Select the drawings you need in the list (Shift-click or Ctrl-click);

·        Click on   or else, right-click on the selection and choose Edit

·        This opens the Multi Sheet dialog box

·        Click on  - this will enable the Revisions section.

·        Choose the type of multiple revisioning you want (Typically ):
 to apply same revision letter to all sheets *
 to apply next available letter or number to each sheet
to update revision date/amendment for current revision on each sheet (no change to revision letter/number)

·        Fill in the revision details (Date, amendment etc)

·        Click on  to proceed

·        It will ask a check question.  Click on Yes if you want to proceed, and it will make the revisions and return to the drawing list.


You may get an error message, particularly if the date is earlier than any previous revision dates.

*        If you chose “Apply Same Revision”, it may give a message that one of the revision letters already exists on a sheet, if the revision letter/number is earlier than that on the sheet.  In this case it will skip that sheet (will not add the revision), and will try the next one.