Revit TV Drawing Manager - Licence


Setup – Licence

When you first start RTV DM, it will prompt for activation:



·    Click Yes


·    For a temporary (30 day) standalone licence, fill in your company details, and click on

·      It will start up an email to request a code – it may take a while to get the code, as it is not immediate.  When you receive an activation code, you can copy it from the email and then paste into the Licensing dialog using “Clipboard Paste”. 


For network licensing:

For network activation:

·      Set the license type  and click on

·      Browse for the network server licence file on your server:

·      Eg. J:\CAD\REVIT\Support\RevitTV Drawing Manager\PTW_RevitTV_DM.lic


·      If you have any problems, you may need to remove the activation settings for your computer first, by running Regedit Before starting RTV DM:

·      Double-click on Activation and remove the key to leave it blank

·      Then start up RTV DM again, to get to the licensing dialog box;