Revit TV Drawing Manager - Transmittals


Issuing Drawings

Once you have your drawing list set up, with revisions done, the next step may be to issue the drawings.  Normally you should use Aconex to do this, but RTV DM can also create Transmittals.  But first you need to have a distribution / contact list of people to issue to.

Project Configuration

  This is done from the configuration menu, and the  tab.



·      To add a new contact, click on ;

·      Fill in the details as required (email or postal address depending on method of transmission)

·      You must fill in company name, First Name and Surname before it will let you add another one.

·          All active names will be available for the next transmittal.

·      *  *  You should untick the active box for any contacts no longer working on the project.


 - to permanently delete a contact from the project distribution list.  You should not normally do this if they have been issued any drawings previously, as the names need to appear in transmittal history.


Document Issues

To create an Issue: 

·      First select the report format you require  (for first transmittal on a project only)

·      Select drawings that you want to issue (can use a sheet set)

·      Click on  to start a new document issue . . . .


·      You must fill in “Issued By” with your initials,

·      You must fill in the number of copies for each recipient (need at least one); 
Leave blank for non-recipients of current issue.

·      Also change the Method of Transmittal, Document Status and Comment as required.

·      You can check the sheets to issue and external documents using the tabs.

·      Click  to complete the issue . . .

·      If  is unticked, it will create the issue, and close the dialog box.

·      If  is ticked, it creates the issue and opens the transmittal “Issue History” dialog box, so that you can view/print the report.

Transmittal Reports

·      Click on  to get to the dialog for printing reports, if not already there.


·      It shows a list of all transmittals, with all recipients.

·      Click on Show Recipient Column to hide the recipients and collapse the list to one line per transmittal.

·      Select the transmittal you want to print

·      Select the combination of recipient and issue formats you want.
 +  will give you a one page transmittal matrix showing all drawings and recipients for the previous number of transmittals that can fit on the page (older transmittals will be dropped off once it is full).

·      Click on  to select the report format, name and location.


·      Click on

·      It will preview or create a PDF of the selected transmittal with a format based on the report settings selected for the issue .  NB. The report type must match the format that was originally used to do the first issue.