Revit TV Drawing Manager


Creating New Drawings

There are three ways to create new drawing sheets:  New Sheet , Insert  & Import

Inserting New Sheets

·       Inserts a new sheet in a sequence:

·      Select a sheet that you want to insert a new sheet before in the numbering

·      Click on “Insert”


·      Type in new Sheet Name etc.

·      Click

·      It will renumber the selected sheet, to the next number in the sequence, and shuffle down any subsequent sheet numbers until it finds an unused number.

·      It will create a new sheet, taking the number of the drawing selected at the time.

·      Newly created sheets in RTV Drawing Manager will generate the equivalent sheets in Revit when you synchronise – you also need to select all the renumbered sheets to sync with Revit.


·      NB.  Take care with this command as there is no undo – it is possible to renumber many sheets in one go but no quick way to renumber all the sheets back if you made a mistake.