Revit TV Drawing Manager


Export Drawing Sheets to PDF, DWG or DWF


RTV Drawing Manager can batch export Revit Sheets.  It can name the files according to specific formats, including the sheet number plus revisions.

·         First select the sheet(s) to be exported;

·         Click on the Export button;


·         Select the DWF, DWG or PDF tab at the top as required;

·         Change the file type, export or print settings as you would in Revit (top section);

·         Type will change automatically with the tab selected (except DWF or DWFx);

·          Click on  to select the export folder location;

·         For DWF/DWG it will automatically zip the files – click on ;

·         Click on  to make sure that all revisions etc are synchronised to the Revit sheet titleblocks;

·           Set the filename format:

·         For a simple format sheet number click on , then  - this will put  the code in the box below, with a sample preview of the file name to be generated.

·         You can then add the required “Aconex” information, by typing in a dash and file type

·         Followed by open bracket, add the Revision code and close brackets

·         Click  to proceed with the export.

For more complex file-naming refer to Using Parallel Numbering