Revit TV Drawing Manager


Setup – Mapping Parameters


  On the project configuration dialog, go to the Parameters tab – this controls how shared parameters are handled.


 will use the pre-defined RTV Drawing Manager shared parameters that are set up on the RTV titleblock.  All the parameters are automatically mapped to shared parameters that have  RTV” prefix:


To map your own parameters:

·         Click on ;

·         Optional - If you want to start with the RTV parameters, click on .  This will populate the list with the standard RTV parameters.  Warning: do not do this once you have mapped any of your own parameters, as they will be overwritten.

·         Optional -  - this will lock out some of the parameters such as “DrawnBy”, so they cannot be mapped.

·         Click on the RTV DM parameter to be mapped ;

·         Click in  box, then type the shared parameter name you require.  If this already exists in your shared parameter file (SPF), it should use that one, otherwise it will create a new shared parameter in your SPF.

·         Click on the next RTV DM parameter, and repeat the process.

·         NB. If the Parameter SheetTitle is not mapped to anything, RTV will use the Sheet Title as the Revit sheet name.  This is “as designed” (on the assumption that RTV Sheet Title is what you want to see on the drawing titleblock, but maybe you need something different on the drawing list).  This can be disconcerting if you do not want different sheet titles and names, as it can make the Revit sheet name blank if you have deleted the Sheet Title in RTV DM.

To delete a mapped parameter:

·         When you first click on a parameter row in the list that is already defined, you cannot select/edit the custom parameter directly – you can only edit once it is in the box above.  However, it does not display in the box above, so you have to retype.  To delete the custom parameter, just type any character in the box, then backspace.

To update your shared parameter file:


·         Once you have finished editing the list of mapped parameters, click on ;

·         This should add new parameters to your active SPF, listed at bottom left of the dialog box.

·         The new parameters will be grouped under a heading RevitTV Drawing Manager:



NB. It is quite possible that you will end up with duplicate shared parameters with the same name, either under the same grouping (RevitTV Drawing Manager) or under your own groupings if you tried to map to your existing parameters. 

Try to avoid clicking on the  button too often, as this will keep trying to add parameters to your SPF.